How can I cast a magic circle?

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With the recent revival of all things magic, there have been thousands of new initiates into Wiccan traditions everywhere. And with this huge surge in interest comes many individuals who are wishing to learn the basics of their craft. And that is what this article is for. Here we are going to go step by step through the process of how to cast a magic circle.

The first step in this process is finding a space in which to cast your circle. Ideal locations include your back yard, a park, or even just your bedroom. Pick your location based on how comfortable you are with yourself. If you are not openly Wiccan then you might not want your family or strangers to see you casting a circle. Beginners often chose to cast a magic circle in their bedrooms, which is fine.

The next step is to gather your supplies. To successfully cast your circle you should bring the following.

-Salt to draw the physical edges of your circle.

-Crystals or candles to have at each direction within your circle. My advice is to use crystals unless you have a large space to cast your circle. This is because having open flames all around you can be hazardous if you don't have enough room.

-One main candle to light to invoke the Goddess.

After you have acquired these supplies, you are ready to go to your chosen location. Pick a time when you will not be disturbed for as long as you feel you will need. I recommend 10-15 minutes at least for beginners. This will let you fully take in what it is that you are doing.

Gather your supplies near you and stand within a decent sized open space in your chosen spot. Using the salt, create a physical circle on the ground. Give yourself enough room to sit comfortably and leave room for the crystals in each direction. While making the physical circle, say these words, or something similar:

"Goddess, bless and cleanse this space so that I may be protected from harm and surrounded by your love and light. As I will it, so mote it be. Blessed be."

Now your physical circle is cast. Great. The next step is to place the crystals or candles at each of the four directions. Place the crystal or candle towards each direction while saying the following words, or something similar.

To the North: "I invoke from the North the strength and stability of Earth. I welcome you into my circle and ask your guidance and protection during this act of magic."

To the East: "I invoke from the East the creativity and inspiration of Air. I welcome you into my circle and ask your guidance and protection during this act of magic."

To the South: "I invoke from the South the vitality and passion of Fire. I welcome you into my circle and ask your guidance and protection during this act of magic.

To the West: "I invoke from the West the wisdom and healing of Water. I welcome you into my circle an ask your guidance and protection during this act of magic.

Now that you have invoked the elements and placed a crystal to hold their energy, you are almost done casting your circle. The last step is, in my opinion, the most important.

Hold the larger candle that you brought with you to invoke the Goddess. Using a lighter or matches, either will work, light the candle while saying the following words, or something similar.

"Ancient Goddess, Mother of us all, I ask your presence in this my circle. I come to you seeking guidance and protection and ask that you grace my circle with your love and light. My energy flows from me to you and returns once more. I ask that you bless my circle with your presence and help me in all that I do. With love in my heart I ask your presence that you may light the way for me from out of the shadows. May it be. Blessed be."

And there you have it! You have successfully cast a magic circle on your own. You are now free to meditate within the circle or perform other rights of magic knowing that you have the blessing and protection of the elements and the Goddess herself. By casting a magic circle you are creating a sacred space, so feel free to just relax and enjoy the harmony within your circle. And until next time, may you blessed be.

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