How do you make Money Drawing Powder?

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There are many time tested and true Money Drawing Powder recipes from all over the world, however the most powerful ones come from those powders that we create ourselves.When we make our own ritual powders and other ritual items, we infuse them with our will and intention, thus making the resulting product stronger. Money Drawing recipes can be found in many a witch's cupboard. Money spells, and similar wealth enhancing ritual endeavors,exist in every magical practice, and are one of the most popular and well known of magical workings. In olden times, many a witch would work a charm or a spell for a client, as this was their primary means of self support. Who of us does not occasionally need a little helping hand from Lady Luck, when it comes to getting ahead financially? Here, I will publish my own personal recipe, one I have used for many years, and it has worked time and again. This powder can be used to dust onto ritual candles, sprinkled into charm or gris-gris bags to "feed" the spirits within them, burned as incense to attract spirits of wealth, and also made to use as a herbal base for creating a powerful anointing oil, that can be used for many types of wealth enhancing charms, magic spells, and rituals. This recipe is relatively easy to make,and most of the ingredients can be found locally, such as in your local supermarket. Some ingredients listed below, may need to be ordered from a specialty shop that carries herbal supplies.

In a clean glass 8 oz.Mason jar, you will need one teaspoon of the following herbs:


Bay Laurel Leaf.

Blue Flag Root.

Calendula Flowers.

Chamonile Flower.

Cinnamon Powder.

Cinquefoil, AKA "Five Finger Grass".

Dark Roast Coffee Grounds.

Dill Weed.

Ginger Root.

Juniper Berries.

Fresh Lemon and Orange zest.


Nutmeg Powder.


Patchouli Root.

Sassafras.(Gumbo File Powder)


You will need to grind each herb separately in a stone mortar and pestle, or, alternately, you may use a coffee grinder. Be sure to wash the coffee grinder well after using it. The powder is ideally made on a Friday before a full moon, To create a very strong Money Drawing Oil with this recipe, you will need to add two tablespoons of the powder, to 6 ounces of Almond oil. almond oil is the choice carrier base for most financial aide oriented oils. Stir the herb mixture into the almond oil, in a double boiler, and allow it to reach a gentle simmer for approximately nine minutes. allow the mixture to cool slightly, and bottle it. The oil should be allowed to steep for at least two weeks prior to usage. The longer the oil steeps in its bottle, the stronger the scent will become. The scent of both the oil and powder is reminiscent of a strong classic men's cologne. I have a jar of this oil and the matching powder in my cupboard, and I use it extensively in my ritual work. After the oil has steeped for the minimum two weeks, it can be used to anoint spell candles that are used in ritual settings for wealth, abundance prosperity,attracting customers to a business, and to gain employment. Money Drawing Powder has an array of magical uses, and most every witch has tried a recipe or two,and has a favorite go to staple that they incorporate in their ritual work.

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