What are the basic ingredients when casting a spell?

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Most Wiccans and Pagans believe in magic as a tool for change. We believe that we can use energy, both the energy of the universe, and the energy found within us all, to make physical changes in our world. So what are some of the things you need when casting a spell? First and most importantly, you need intent. You must be completely focused on the results you want. You must be careful what your focus is though. It's best not to focus on the negative. For instance, if you want to cast a spell to help you stop smoking, don't focus on stopping. Focus instead on all the wonderful things that will happen when your life is smoke free. Focus on the easy breathing, the increase in spending money, and the return of your sense of smell. Whatever we focus on is what we attract, so focusing on the negative attracts the negative, even if that was not our intent.

Focus and intent are the only real necessities when casting a spell, but most people use other things to help them focus their energy. One of the things often used is incense. You can buy incense for specific purposes at any New Age store, but you can also make your own, and many practitioners feel it is more effective to do so. All that is required to make your own incense is some herbs related to your magical purpose, a mortar and pestle, and a brick of charcoal. Just crush the herbs with the mortar and pestle, and burn them on the brick of charcoal, visualizing the smoke carrying your wishes to the universe.

Crystals are also used in casting spells. There are many good websites that list the magical properties of crystals. One simple way to use a crystal in a spell is to charge it with energy and carry it with you to help the spell manifest. For example, in a spell to help you get a job, you could charge a malachite stone with energy and carry it in your pocket when you go on an interview. The stone will then feed you its energy, helping you to be more poised and confident, and to have an attitude of abundance. These are all things that will help you get the job.

Most spells also use words to help raise energy, set intent, and seal them. Many spells use rhyme, because it is easier to remember when you are in the middle of casting, but the words do not have to rhyme. Any words that help you focus your intent are fine. The words in a spell are like a prayer to your Deity, or to your higher self. As long as you are focused and the words are heartfelt, they will be heard.

Those were just a few of the basic ingredients you can use when casting a spell. There are many more, and anyone wishing to learn more would do best by picking up a book or two on the subject by a respected Pagan author. The clerk at any New Age store should be able to help you find exactly what you need. Good luck with your spell casting, and Blessed Be!

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