Can Mindfulness Meditation and Lucid Dreaming Help You Remember Dreams?

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A lot of people wonder why they can't remember their dreams at night and would like to find a way to have more lucid dreams. One of the best ways of doing this is to clear your mind before going to bed with a technique called mindfulness meditation. We all go through R.E.M., or rapid eye movement, at night and that is when we have our dreams. By the time we reach this state we are breathing slowly and our heart rate slows down as well. The hormone melatonin is released in our brains to help us sleep, while d.m.t. is being produced to help us dream. Dreaming and meditating are two of the ways we deal with certain events without having to go through them, so they are healthy for us and reduces stress. Mindfulness meditation and lucid dreaming are the secrets to remembering your dreams at night.

What if we have a hard time falling asleep, though, or seem to be too worried about things to be able to remember our dreams? This is where mindfulness meditation can assist us. It helps us to enter into the same brain wavelength that our minds are on when we sleep. By just finding a comfortable position to sit in and becoming aware of our breathing it gradually allows any thoughts we may have racing through our mind to surface. This is how we become aware of them and the emotions that may come with them.

When we focus our attention inward and allow ourselves to just observe what we are going through we become the observer instead of the observed. This gradually calms us and can produce melatonin, while at the same time helps clear our mind. This is how mindfulness meditation can help to remember your dreams better by having more lucid, or realistic ones.

When we go to bed with our minds clear and aware of the processes going on within our minds and bodies we become more in tune with ourselves. Mindfulness meditation doesn't just bring us to a state of bliss before bed but rather helps us to accept ourselves and whatever we may be going through. It also helps us to let go of physical tension in our bodies to allow better blood circulation and healthy breathing.

If you would like to remember your dreams better then you may want to try this technique before bedtime tonight. Just try to start off by breathing deep and slowly with your stomach. Once you have allowed your breathing to become your center for grounding ask yourself what is going on inside of you and become aware of any thoughts or sensations that arise. Try not to put any labels on your thoughts or be critical of your feelings. Once you feel you have released most of the day's stress tell yourself that you will remember your dreams and go to sleep. If you wake up at all during the night you may want to write down your dreams to go over them in the morning. If you practice mindfulness meditation each night you will more than likely begin to have lucid dreams. Mindfulness meditation and lucid dreaming go hand in hand!

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