How do you interpret your personal dream symbols?

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As you close your eyes at night, your body relaxes and your senses slow down. Many times, though, it seems like the mind goes into hyper-drive. The problems you faced during the day transforming into images that can be entertaining, troubling, and at worst, frightening. When you shake off restless dream-filled hours, how do you interpret your personal dream symbols?

Of course, there are many books on the market that are filled with standard interpretations for symbols. For example, if you see a butterfly in your dream, the book may say that all butterflies represent metamorphosis. It makes sense, but the question you should ask yourself is, “what does a butterfly mean to me?” As you look back through your life, you may find that a butterfly actually reminds you of a day when you were three years old. Your mother took you to the zoo where you chased a butterfly. The essence left in your memory is that of content, safety, your mother’s love, and happiness.

No one can determine exactly how you process information while you sleep. Everything you experience is unique to your own thoughts. For this reason, if you wish to make sense of your dreams, take time to assess what happened, how it made you feel, and what each dream symbol means to you. Some steps you may follow include:

Write everything down.

It is very easy to forget what happened in your dreams. As your mind begins to wrap itself around everyday living, the whispers of the dream world go silent. Keep a journal nearby and when you awaken, take time to write down everything you remember, including how you felt.

Outline the dream.

Break down the action of the dream, going line by line, separating the symbols and thoughts that held the greatest importance. Take time to meditate about the things you have written down.

Read through the dream at least twice.

Before you write your impressions concerning what the dream means, read through it to capture its flow and understand how everything fits into the context of what took place. Assess whether the dream felt like a memory or story.

Avoid outside sources.

You will find the truest interpretation of your dream if you avoid outside sources, whether it be from friends, books, or online information. Finding personal, meaningful answers will depend on how willing you are to delve deep inside yourself and find them. If you do wish to add other resources, make sure to wait until you write down what you think and understand first.

As you take time to interpret your personal dream symbols, writing down every possible symbol, animal, person, or color, you are creating your own dream dictionary. Through meditation and personal insight, you embrace your personal power to take charge of your life and gain the most accurate picture of what your dreams may be telling you. You do not need a psychic or a specialist to determine what you are thinking. You are your best interpreter because, as you walk through life, you hold the key to process every part of the world around you with which you interact.

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