If you are always angry how do you free your mind to hear God's voice?

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How To Free Your Mind.

Anger. There is so much of it in the world today.

People are committing senseless crimes; fighting hurting and betraying one another.

Have YOU ever been angry? Really Angry?

IF so, then you know that anger is an actual "thing" that controls you from this secret place of power. It's like an actual "thing" that controls you from this mysteriously hidden place of power. The beginning phase is always physical: your head begins to hurt, your heart rate increases, then blood rushes to your head, etc. The pressure is both physical and emotional. For those without a pause button, as I call it, the trigger from there can be the slightest interaction; a discourteous neighbor, a rude cashier, or a disrespectful child - God forbid. Finally the person explodes and before he/she can blink the damage is done...

It happens every day. One quick peruse of the morning news substantiates this truth. For those who possess a real conscience but are entangled by their own pain, this emotional eruption is usually followed by shame, guilt and remorse.It's a vicious cycle as the mind reflects rationally, after the fact, on how things escalated to the point of no return. For many "anger-management candidates," as I call them, glorious displays of anger is only a substitute for genuine words and thoughts. Once this coping mechanism becomes habit, one often stops searching for healthier ways of release and they become permanent passengers on this morbid emotional ferris wheel. So how does one overcome this living hell?FREE YOUR MIND.

We must settle our soul so that we can hear God's voice. A meditation client recently asked me if it's even possible to prove that the voice in my head is the voice of God. Good...no, GREAT question. Every one of us hears a myriad of voices in our head that, at any given moment, may judge, warn, scream, doubt, approve, encourage, complain, nag, fear, love, hate, etc., etc. And I hear peeps say all the time that they sometimes listen to their "good" side, but sometimes the "bad" side takes the wheel. However, through the agreements we have made with ourselves as a result of our childhood, past experiences and a plethura of both successful and failed relationships, we have many sides, and each side has its own damn voice. Moreover, the voices are in constant competition for your undivided attention and only the spirit of The Most High God can calm this sea of emotion. Which brings me back to the thing I love to talk about the most...quiet meditation...I'll never stop sharing this with the world because it will NEVER stop being relevant and necessary.

While I used anger as the example above, we can substitute it for drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, sexual promiscuity, OCD and so on and so forth. To over come these demons, we must understand that "thoughts"(voices) are "things," and whatever thoughts (voices) I consciously entertain the most will eventually become part of my subconscious mind (the heart) only to be subsequently carried out through my actions.

Not enough of us care to turn off the tube or the iphone or the ipod or whatever long enough to focus on the things that really matter...and guess what?

The things that REALLY matter are not of a physical, but of a METAphysical nature...of the SPIRIT.

I cringe to think of where this world is headed in the forthcoming age of technology and the screen-based learning, loving and living...

We have the power to make choices so we must carve out that time...

CHOOSE to make time for God and ultimately yourself and the real purpose and destiny to which you were assigned on this earthly realm. Put on the full armor of God and know that although we walk thru the Valley of the shadow of death (earth) we shall fear no evil, for God walks with us.

CHOOSE to carve out God time to empower yourself and break unhealthy cycles and family curses...yes, they do exist.

Stop and think quietly right now.

You hear it? Your body already suggests that this is something you need to do. We all have the gift to make choices, but few know how to really let go and let God. One step at a time...

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