Is understanding lucid dreams difficult?

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Understanding Lucid Dreams

Do you have dreams that seem like they was so real you lived them? Have you ever been able to control what was going on in your dreams? Do you ever feel you can smell, touch, taste, or feel things in your dreams? If you have ever experienced any of these situations, you were most likely having a lucid dream.

Understanding lucid dreams is not difficult. A lucid dream is a dream where you know you are in a dream state. If you focus, you can control any aspect of the dream. You have a better understanding of what is happening in the dream. You can identify, focus and change different aspects of the dream.

Some people enjoy having lucid dreams. They like being able to control the dream. They find it interesting and helpful. All dreams are trying to make us aware of something we are not consciously aware of yet. Lucid dreams are useful in helping people becoming more self-aware. One amazing thing about lucid dreams is that people remember them in great detail. Lucid dreaming is a part of many spiritual practices because, lucid dreaming helps you become more self-aware. The more you practice having lucid dreams that better you will get at being able to control all the aspects of the dream.

Lucid Dreams are Nothing to Fear

Lucid dreams are nothing to fear. Some people fear lucid dreams out of a lack of understanding them. Lucid dreams can be scary for if you do not know what is going on. They may not know they are in a dream state. The first time you have a lucid dream can be scary because you may not know what is happening. People may even have nightmares while lucid dreaming and they do not know how to control what is happening. Know you cannot get hurt or die having a lucid dream.

Some people just don't like the lucid dream experience. For those people, there are different things you can do to stop having lucid dreams. You can wake yourself up by moving around. Avoid caffeinated drinks and foods before going to bed and do not keep a dream journal. By doing these things you should stop lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are nothing to fear. If you are not comfortable having them, then you can stop lucid dreams from happening to you.

You cannot always control everything going on in the dreams. There are different levels of awareness and control during lucid dreams. On the highest level of lucid dreams, you are aware and can control things. At lower levels of lucid dreaming, awareness and control is less. The more you practice lucid dreaming the better you will get at controlling what happens.

Remember lucid dreams are natural. There is nothing wrong with having lucid dreams. Like any other dream, nothing about a lucid dream can harm you. The only real difference between a lucid dream and an ordinary dream is the dreamer’s awareness that they are dreaming.

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