How can I block full moon energies?

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Everyone knows how abnormal a full moon can make the day. Superstitious anxieties stretch deeper and farther into the psyche. Questions arise beginning a marathon of answerless queries of that singular coincidental folklore, “How can a full moon influence me?” It is a small question compared to the magnitude of idea itself but, if one pays closer attention to the strengths and weaknesses of investigating full moon energies and its influences, suggestively can eliminate its hold all together.

Curiosity never fades, and as the modern century moves forward there doesn’t seem to be any hesitation. Technologies are born every day from the constant participation people have about our world and how it works. Although theories fly off the mantel about what, who or why nature works the way it does, doesn’t stop people from learning. As it were, learning never stopped those from ancient times, in context the world works progressively slow, that’s because man works slowly, humanity has its limits.

People before the Common Era had to rationalize and live side by side with nature, relying solely on its favor to survive. It wasn’t as it is now, today we are spoiled by the necessity of medicine and electricity, but the way we live doesn’t stop nature from affecting us like it did in the past. Nowadays people have mood swings and disorders prolonged by reoccurring energy draining without even realizing it. The moon which has a huge sway on our emotions and most people have no clue onto why they feel the way feel or think the way they think. Negativity thrives in nature just like positivity thrives alongside it. The two opposites have such a pull on our emotional state it affects on we think, how we live our lives, etc.

It isn’t easy but with a little practice and awareness, one can sequentially surround themselves with harmonious moon energy and continue to lead successful lives, the same life but better. Moon energy isn’t bad or soul sucking, it is just powerful and without the correct tools of how to attain and utilize this energy, moon energy can be very turbulent. Every day we walk into the world of energy, it’s like a big pot of stew and everyone has something to offer. So every day we are fighting positive and negative energies from everyone.

The cure is to block unwanted energy and invite positive energy. Some stones may be useful but not essential, stones have their own wave of force. Just by holding them in a pocket or keeping them around, depending on sensitivity, can cause a lift in the environment. Full moon energies assimilate both good and bad emotional energies, so just by being aware of the full moon might prevent a further emotional roller coaster. Affirming one’s daily goals and prayers keeps the mind focused and alert of future abilities.

It is easy to ride the denial river and to get caught up in self-pity and anguish, but the world has to work for and against itself only to balance itself over and over. Remember the moon’s passionate light to guide the darkness and hover over dreary mistakes, erase the bad and make the new. Good luck !

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