How do you survive as a pagan in a modern world?

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To survive as a pagan, you need to understand that destruction is as much a part of life as is creation. To be pagan means to see the earth as a part of ourselves even the parts that are hard to look upon.And to appreciate the parts that are beautiful. Every day we are faced with challenges. From personal health to mental wellbeing. Not a moment goes by in a modern society where it doesn't feel like somethings trying to take from our lives. And at the same time The earth the very thing that birthed us into existence is suffering from a monumental amount of human conceived damages.

So how do you survive as a pagan in a modern world? You rise. You lift yourself from the ashes of yesterday and hold onto to the dreams of the future. Death is a part of everything so before we die why not give back to the world instead of taking away. In other words, use this madness to fuel your desire to change the world. There's an endless amount of things you can do to survive. Give back to nature. Restore a forest to its former glory. Form bonds between fellow humans. But most importantly grow a community. If there's one thing that makes surviving in this world hard its the loss of human connection. Without it surviving a healthy spiritual life would be near impossible. So next time you want to talk to a stranger on the street do it. Make new friends, families, and loves. You owe yourself that much. You owe the world more. So rise and help build a future for our planet. A future for the generations of people, plants, and animals to come. A future for yourself where you can be happy. It won't happen overnight, but if you're sure about surviving you'll have to learn to change.

Breaking down the walls of your inner illusions will be the first step to being a happy pagan. Hate society? Throw yourself in it tell you see it in a new light. Feeling helpless? Empower yourself to the point of feeling invincible. Feel unwanted? Fall in love with yourself and all your flaws. Whatever the reason it's hard for you to survive. There's a cause for it. A fear. A wall. By stepping outside of the wall you break it down relieving yourself of the fear. The source of all your pain.

Once there are no more walls there will be nothing to hold you back from living the life of your dreams. You will no longer be just surviving you will be thriving. Enjoying life while giving back as well. Society is full of challenges. We never had so many issues internationally, Morally, and geographically. But if you stay true to yourself and the earth you will be able to conquer all the obstacles that make it hard to survive. And if you unite with the people around there's nothing you won't be able to fix.

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