What's the best way for packing ritual objects for airplane travel?

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Contrary to popular imagery, witches don't do all of their air travel via broom. They occasionally need to travel long distances as muggles do, on an airplane. With increased security and inevitable bag inspections, what's a witch to do? When it comes to packing ritual objects for airplane travel, the modern witch faces a few challenges. This is especially true of magical items that the practitioner alone should touch, like a personal set of tarot cards, or objects that are sure to raise a security alert such as daggers or swords. Follow these easy guidelines for packing ritual objects for airplane travel and your next trip to the annual Witches' Ball should be smooth as silk:

For items with a sharp blade or that could be mistaken for weaponry, wrap the ritual item carefully, preferably in silk or cotton fabric in a protective color such as black. This should help to repel any negativity absorbed in transit. You should not attempt to carry these items on board the flight, as this will most likely result in loss of the item, so always place them in your checked baggage.

It is advisable to pack a small portion of high-quality salt crystals for cleaning objects upon arrival but even table salt will do. If salt is not available or could damage the object in anyway, lavender oil or white sage, dried and burned or as a cleansing oil, are handy items to keep in you luggage. If you have concerns about these items being confiscated (unlikely) pack them in with your toiletries or cosmetics case.

Tarot cards should be carried on, as there is no way of preventing a TSA agent from handling them when doing baggage screening of checked luggage. If you have them in your carry-on there is less chance of them being pulled out and felt up!

Any incense or herbs should be wrapped carefully and placed in checked luggage. This is also in consideration of your fellow travelers--you might think that Angel Blessing incense is divine but don't assume anyone else will.

Candles are usually safe in checked luggage though if you are traveling in to or through an extreme climate, especially a hot one were your luggage might be stewing out on the tarmac in transit, you can usually find room in your carry-on. You should keep in mind that a phallus candle, or even a devil one, might signal you out for extra inspection though there is nothing illegal about having such an item in your handbag!

Witches, leave your brooms at home. Keep this ritual item for hearth witchery or for occasions when you are driving. Carrying a beautiful besom on a plane could prove tricky--some airlines might allow it, others will forbid it. And checking it risks damage.

Finally, keep in mind that though you spend every day walking with the Goddess, many people out there do not, and a smile and laugh can go a long way in making a pleasant flight. Remember, whatever you put out there will come back to you! (And let's assume this includes lost luggage.)

Safe travels!

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