What are the things I would need to Celebrate Yule Sabbat?

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To Celebrate Yule Sabbat:

To celebrate any Sabbat, the only thing you truly need is yourself. But, if you feel that you're ready to advance to, let's say, an organized ritual, there are a few things you could use. If you have an altar, or even just a space on the floor, you can decorate it with flowers or plants(either real or fake) that go with this time of year, such as holly and mistletoe. You could even trim a bit of a pine tree (thanking it and Nature for allowing you to, of course) and use that!

Generally the colors for candles this time of year are deep green (think hunter or pine green) and red of course, and can be scented like pine or cinnamon or even bayberry if you can find it. Incense that can be used is frankincense (which can be found at your local Wal-mart or New Age store, if you have one) or bayberry and myrrh.

You can make a simple offering to the gods of nuts, chicken, and wine.

These are very simple tools you can use to celebrate the Yuletide Sabbat. The most important thing of all is to remember, it’s not the tools you have or the offerings you leave, but the spirit of knowing what this Sabbat means to you. This Sabbat is the passing of the dark nights into the time when soon the days begin lengthening and knowing that the Sun God will be born again soon. The Gods appreciate your acknowledgment of their existence more than the use of all the tools in the world. Sing “Deck the Halls” at the top of your lungs, filling your home and body with the energy you create. Decorate a Yuletide tree with all the baubles you can, string popcorn and cranberries for garland. Just acknowledge to the Gods that you can about them being in your life whichever way you can.

Ringing bells to welcome and greet the Solstice Morning can be an amazing magical way to start the day. Doing things like this invoke the God’s notice of you, and can bring about things you notice along the day. Perhaps the Faeries hear the bells and decide it’s time to make the Yule tree jingle as though it has bells on it, or a spirit of a family member lets you know that you are not alone on this day. Starting out a day with something magical, even if it is only ringing a bell, is a great way to bring you in tune with the magic that resides within you.

You can do a simple spell for a peaceful planet. (It’s not just wishing for “Peace on Earth”) Spells and thoughts, if there are enough of similar creeds, can make things happen. There is more power in thoughts and spoken words than most people believe in.

The most simple thing you can do, if you wish, to celebrate to Solstice, is to donate food or clothes to shelters in need. Your karma goes up, you change someone’s life that has perhaps fallen on bad times, and you offer something in a way to the God’s. You’re helping them fulfill someone’s Yule, Christmas or other Holiday wish, and They are always thankful for that.

Simply put, there are always tools and baubles that anyone can use, but these only direct your power, or help you focus. The best way to celebrate Yule, is to, well, do it. So go on! Celebrate Yule Sabbat!

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